Kettle Corn Rock

2006 - 2012

Underwater Movements
Flew Out of the Office
Wood Toy Sticks
All Pinwheels Go
Coffee Cup Stroll
A Brief Conversation Between Two Streams of Water
Prototype for Color Clock
String Test
Carousel Calliope
Felt Like A Tree

"A collection of things done and made while other larger things are done and made."

Kettle Corn Rock was an odd assortment of video "blips," a photojournal, some graphics and scratch paper, post-its, a typewriter, a handful of mixtapes, collected field recordings, and found objects. You could perhaps argue that it served as a precursor to The Incomplete Recordings, and lives on right here in its new body, where every little piece plays a part in the larger work.

File Under: Projects, Stop-Motion, Animation, Graphics, Design, Field Recordings, Mixtapes
Years: 2006 - 2012

Loves of a Cyclops

Prologue to a Cyclops


Memory By Design


Dreamlike Dream . Wild Arrows

Dark Me . Wild Arrows

Harsh . Lushes

Fernseher . Adios Ghost

Rescue . Courtesy Tier