Prologue to a Cyclops

Francis, ashamed of his single eye, lives in seclusion until he is plucked from obscurity by Lina Rae, delivery girl extraordinaire. She broadens the scope of his view to a world he had once been afraid of.

As Francis grows more and more obsessed with the idea of seeing through two eyes like everyone else, she attempts to show him the remarkable power of his own unique vision.

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Premiered at Moviehouse @ 3rd Ward. Brooklyn, NY. 2010.

Written and Directed by Nathan Punwar

Cinematography by David Feeney Mosier
Additional Text by Kathleen Kyllo


Johan Guzman as Francis
Kathleen Kyllo as Lina Rae

File Under: Short Film, Silent, Super-8, B&W
Running Time: 5:00
Year: 2010

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Prologue to a Cyclops


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